Nusa Penida

Manta Hot Spots

We have two excellent manta dive sites in Nusa Penida: 1) Manta Point and 2) Manta Bay.

Manta Point

Manta Point is around 45 minutes boat ride away from Nomads Diving. It is located on the southern coast of Nusa Penida and is our most popular Manta Dive site. This specific site is a manta ray cleaning station with an average depth of 10-15 metres. The top of the cleaning station is around 5m and the bottom around 10m. Our resident mantas regularly come to this location to get cleaned by various clearer fish that live on top of a large bombie. This is where you will get multiple manta sightings.

Other things to see at this site include octopus, nudibranchs, brown banded bamboo shark, and if you are luck you might spot our resident juvenile eagle ray.

Manta Dive Sites
Manta Dive Sites
Manta Bay


Manta Bay is around 20 minute boat ride from Nomads Diving. It is a manta ray feeding area where these ocean giants congregate in the shallow bays for to snack down on their favourite meal, zooplankton. This is often where you can see unique manta behaviour such as barrelling or “manta trains”. The average depth of this site is 10-15 metres. Juvenile mantas (around 2m+ wing span) are often seen on the surface playing and feeding while the larger mantas are spotted coasting along the bottom.

Other things to see at this site include some dramatic topography  such as walls, small caverns, and large hard coral formations. Also a great spot for sea turtles, brown banded bamboo sharks, and macro life.

Weather Warning

Both of our manta dive sites are extremely exposed to the southern swell which makes Bali such a famous surf destination. This means there are times when the trip to the manta sites are canceled due to unsafe weather conditions. Your safety is our number one priority at Nomads followed by your enjoyment, and the final decision on the dive site destination is left to our knowledgable captains.


No matter how much we try to prepare by reading forcasts and tide charts, sometimes we will not know until that morning if the dive site has to be changed. On average there is 3-5 days per month where our Manta trips are canceled. However we will always go diving! We have a selection of beautiful diving spots around the north side of the island which is protected from the sea conditions. But there is a saying in Indonesia, Never Try Never Know!

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Mola Mola Season

Mola Mola Season 2019

We are excited to offer multiple trips per day for a “Mola Hunt” during the season. Mola Mola’s, or Giant Sunfish, are sighted seasonal in the waters surrounding Nusa Penida. There are several dive sites that have clean stations and we do our best to ensure a safe and memorable experience for you and our beloved underwater sear creature.


Mola Mola Season is from mid July to mid October however we do have a few sightings off season as well in pre season starting in June.


The Best Sites for Mola’s

We have several dive sights which mola’s regularly haunt due to the presence of cleaning stations:

1) Crystal Bay: the most famous, and often the busiest. The cleaning station is located at 36m in a sand trench surrounded by coral reefs.

2) Gamat Bay & Ceningan Wall: slightly smaller version of Crystal Bay which is more exposed to currents. Great spot for more intimate mola experiences

3) Blue Corner: a diver favourite and a great spot for a sunrise dive. Mola cleaning station with less of a crowd often featuring multiple mola mola’s

4) Batumulapan: the most common spot we see mola’s out of season. Mola’s often show up here in August and is hardly ever visited by the Lembongan dive centres due to its distance.


Minimum Certifications required

Molas are most commonly spotted deep! Usually around 30m or deeper. Therefore to take part in our scheduled mola hunts you need to hold an advanced certification from any training agency. We adhere to strict depth limits, which means if you are an Advanced Diver you are limited to 30 m. If you have your Deep Dive Specialty you my descend to 40m.


Don’t have the right courses? Sign up for and Advanced course, Deep Adventure Dive, or Deep Specialty course during your trip with one of our experienced instructors for your bets chance at seeing a mola!

Contact us for more details.


Other Considerations

Mola’s are the largest boney fish in the world and there are only a handful of places in the world where divers are able to see them. Nusa Penida is one of them and we plan on keeping it that way. All divers with Nomads Diving will sign and adhere to the Mola Code of Conduct laid out by the marine park officials. Failure to comply will result in immediate cancellation of your dive and any future dives with Nomads Diving with no refund.


We take conservation very seriously at Nomads Diving and expect the same from our guests. All guests at Nomads Diving must sign and adhere to our eco agreement.


We can not guarantee a mola sighting. However, we will do our best to give you the greatest chance of seeing one. When mola diving it is best to bring your lucky charm!



We do not allow deco diving on our boats without prior approval from management and proof of proper certifications.


Mola Mola Season 2019
Mola Mola Season 2019

Sunrise Mola Dives

We have Sunrise Mola dives scheduled to depart at 6:00am several times throughout the season.


Contact us to help plan your trip and give you the best chance at up close encounters with these ocean giants.


additional 100,000 Rp early morning fee applies