Offical Partner

Mission Deep Blue


We are a proud official partner of Mission Deep Blue and as such expect all staff and guests at Nomads Diving to review and respect the environmental code of conduct set in place. Before diving with us, guests will sign our Environmental Policy Agreement.

Eco Commitment
Eco Commitment

What This Means


  • All boats are non smoking
  • There is zero tolerance of single use plastics on the boats or property
  • We only allow reef safe sunscreen to be used (we have some for sale in the shop)
  • Water is reused and repurposed for gardening and treatments
  • All guests sign and agree to our environmental policy
Eco Commitment Eco Commitment Eco Commitment

Environmental Policy & Procedures

a) Do not step on the coral: watch your fins and feet at all times

b) Do not stir the sediment: If you are not careful your fins can stir up the sediment and debris upsetting small habitats and covering corals.

c) Do not chase or touch any marine life: This can cause great stress to any animal. It can also transmit diseases or remove protective coatings.

d) Do not feed the fish: Feeding fish and other species can cause them to rely on that food source. This also makes fish more aggressive towards diver and lead to the corals being smothered in algae as the fish no longer eat their natural food source.

e) Do not take marine life: dead or alive, removing species that would normally break down and be recycled leaves other animals without nutrients and elements that they need for growth. Even empty shells play a vital roll in the marine ecosystem.

f) Do not throw trash in the sea: There are many problems with marine pollution ranging from animals eating plastic bags and cigarette butts, to chemicals in the waste contaminating the water and entering the food chain.

g) Do not buy corals or marine life as souvenirs: This encourages people to remove tons of marine life, dead or alive, from marine ecosystems.

Eco Commitment